Q: Who can benefit from working with me?

A: Anyone who is seeking a more functional core and or pelvic floor.

We can work together in one-on-one sessions to strengthen your body for healthier aging, or you can choose one of my easy-to-use online programs. Bone Boot Camp was developed to help those with osteopenia and/or osteoporosis, and Pause for Movement was created to strengthen women in any stage of menopause.

In our work together, you can:

  • Get better workout results by learning your blind spots

  • Develop a functional core so that workouts don't put you in an injury cycle

  • Reduce or resolve lower back pain

  • Change your diastisis-recti

  • See positive change in pelvic organ prolapse

  • Resolve pee leaking

  • SI Joint pain unraveled

  • Build more bone 

More Benefits:

  1. Learn exercises that restore core and pelvic floor function

  2. Receive tailored corrective exercises for your posture and alignment that reduce stress and strain on your core and pelvic floor

  3. Retrain your breathing patterns to support ideal core and pelvic floor function

  4. Gain a plethora of tips to help you get the most out of your favorite exercise format and daily movement patterns.

  5. Become aware of the blockers of deep core engagement

You deserve to feel good as you age, and you can make the changes today that will benefit you tomorrow.
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