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From Core to Pelvic Floor…
Renew Your Body with Pause for Movement, an Online Exercise Program for Pre and Post Menopausal Women

Pause for Movement features:

  • Exercises that renew core and pelvic floor function

  • Corrective exercises for your posture and alignment that reduce stress and strain on your core and pelvic floor

  • Breathing patterns that support ideal core and pelvic floor function

  • A plethora of tips to get the most out of your exercises and daily movements

Pause for Movement is a whole body exercise program for women in midlife.  Issues in one's core develop over time, and by midlife the physical and emotional demands on your body can bring you a heightened awareness of the need to re-boot your core and pelvic floor.  


Pause for Movement helps you recognize your imbalances and patterns in breathing and in movement.  It provides a blueprint for bringing integrity to your core and pelvic floor so that you can get back to the activities you enjoy!

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