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My name is Sarah Purcell, and I'm a long time Pilates and Yoga teacher.


I came to this work through the course of healing what I thought was a piriformus syndrome issue as well as intermittent low back pain and hamstring tendonopathy. In my quest, I discovered Katy Bowman's biomechanics approach to movement and alignment. The calf stretch alone resolved my lateral hip aches!


I then met Lauren Ohayon and found that the Restore Your Core® method helped me find resolution to all the little aches and pains of peri-menopause. I did not have pelvic floor dysfunction, but I was certainly dealing with pain that originated in some unhelpful alignment and movement patterns. Through Restore Your Core, I was able to retrain these habits and discover a life free from aches and pain.

I went on to become certified to teach the Restore Your Core Method.

I also have created Bone Boot Camp for Osteoporosis specifically. I successfully reversed my osteoporosis with weight bearing activity, and Bone Boot Camp was created to promote bone growth. I even reversed my own osteoporosis diagnosis into osteopenia (in my hip; click the link to see my DEXA scores) by committing to the exercise program I’ll share with you in Bone Boot Camp!


I enjoy working one-on-one with clients to assess and tailor a program for them. I work with clients in-person in Florida, and online via Zoom. I also act as a coach who meets periodically with a client who is doing any online program.  


My goal is to spread the word that aging does not have to mean core and pelvic floor dysfunction and aches and pains that keep coming back. You can grow stronger and healthier as you age! Check out my offerings to learn more.

I write regular blogs and record video exercise routines for Sixty and Me! You can check them out here.

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